Long Island Airbrush Rentals

Airbrush SamplesIf you”re having an event on Long Island, don’t trust anyone but the best to deliver your Party Favors! Masters of Fun provides an unmatched degree of selection in concert with quality service and professionalism. Try one of our unique services, such as our Airbrush Party Favors, and we guarantee a 99.9 % rate of satisfaction! Location is not a factor as we are available for a wide array of Long Island locations, such as: Garden City, Rockville Centre, Massapequa, Syosset, and many more!

Masters of Fun’s “Airbrush Masters” will make sure that your very own personalized item (Hats, slots games T-Shirts, etc…) will stand out, and capture the unique feeling of your special event! This service is completely customizable, as we capture all that your imagination has to offer via the peerless skills of our Airbrush artists. Customers determine clothing type, style, design, and even font and color! You bring your imagination, and one of our 5 professional artists will take care of the rest!
Airbrush Clothing Samples
Masters of Fun has been in the Party Favor industry for 2 generations, and has adapted over time to incorporate the most useful and reliable technologies to deliver your product flawlessly! Hurry up and schedule your event with Masters of Fun, and we will make sure that it is inscribed in more than just your memory, making your experiences last forever!

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