Green Screen Party Favors FAQs


There are a slew of companies claiming to offer a better product at a rate of $200-$300 dollars less than us. We know our clients know better than that and we can assure you that just our photo quality alone is enough of a reason to reserve with our company, not to mention all the other great things we have to offer. But of course, take your time and do your homework, because not all companies have your best interests at heart.
Please browse through our Super Pix Photo Favor Brochure by clicking here, watch our videos by clicking here, and of course check out our FAQ guide below.
Should you have any questions about our offerings or we fare against our competitors You can contact us via email by clicking here or calling toll free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7 MOST QUESTIONS HAVE A SHORT ANSWER AND A DETAILED ANSWER, SO PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK OUT ANYTHING YOU MAY WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT BY READING THE DETAILED ANSWERS TOO.

Q. Is this only for children’s events?

A. Not at all! It’s for everyone, that is, if you like to laugh out loud with your friends and family, and enjoy watching everyone have fun, and then our Super Pix Photo Favor Service will be right up your alley! 60% of our events are performed at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s, and Communions, 20% are at Weddings, and 20% are at Corporate events.

Q. What the heck is Super Pix Photo Favors anyway? Is this those cheesy paper photo frames that we receive at almost every party we attend?

Short Answer: This NOT those cheesy paper frames. This is a completely unique service that is bound to blow your guest’s minds and bring smiles to all!
Below are the full details on how this service works.

Detailed Answer:

1. We setup a 42″ Inch LED TV with all 450 of our digital backgrounds and our “head to other body” backgrounds to choose from. The 450 backgrounds are divided into 21 “Unique Categories” with each category having anywhere between 25-50 backgrounds. A smaller photo comprising of all the backgrounds in that one category (for example, movie posters) will appear on the TV (one still image) for about 5 seconds- Then, the next grouping of photos will appear (say for example, music themed backgrounds), and so forth and so on. This encourages guests to choose quickly and return to the party, fast!

2. After your guests choose their background, the photographer will take their photograph against a special backdrop called a green screen (click here for a photo of our setup) which helps us edit the photos quickly.

3. Within minutes, your photographs will be ready and will be placed in an item of their choice (frames, magnets, key chains, photo stands, etc.)

4. We also include a custom imprint with the guest of honor’s name and date of the event (or any other info you request) at the bottom of every photograph so your guests will always have the mental connection of just whose event was the bash of the year!

5. For private events, we can design a few “custom backgrounds” at no additional charge to incorporate the theme of your event. There is no limit to our capabilities and the wackier the idea the better! (For corporate clients, we can design a whole slew for a moderate fee).

BONUS: We also include a CD mailed to you about 2 weeks after the event with an archive of all the photos taken that you are free to reprint at home or any local photo kiosk! We can also reprint all photos and mail them to you (additional charges apply). Also, please note that unlike some of our competitors,  WE WILL NOT print our company name or number on the front of your photographs  (we feel this is just straight up inappropriate).

Q. We heard your company is the only ones using a unique printing system. What’s this all about?

A. It’s true! We are the only company using photo lab printers (the same that you find at the digital kiosks at the local pharmacy…. can you say, “Hi Quality!”).Our print quality is the highest on the market and fast (8 second print-time)! They are 99% fade resistant, waterproof and smudge proof. We believe that this alone justifies our slightly higher rate over our so called competitors.

If you book with us, you are guaranteed that your guests will proudly display their photo favor on their table top and it will not end up in a desk draw like so many others. Not to mention, our photos won’t fade in a few months like our competitors who are still using inkjet printers!

Q. How many digital backgrounds can our guests choose from?

A. We have 450+ backdrops for your guests to choose from, stemming from any genre imaginable such as TV shows, Movies, Music, etc. For our full list and tons of samples, please download out brochure by clicking here! So it is not overwhelming, our backgrounds are divided into 21 categories with about each category comprising of anywhere between 25-50 backgrounds. And don’t worry, the way our system is set up, your guests will be able to view all of these in one fast swoop, make a decision quickly, and return back to your event (which is what they are really there for!)

Q. What is included in your standard package?

A. All our packages automatically include:
A selection from all 450 of our backgrounds, 4 hours of unlimited photo taking, with one photographer and one attendant performing the editing for the photos. In all our packages, we automatically include a type of frames (you get to choose which size and style you would like at your event), colorful photo key chains, photo magnets, and fun photo stands (photo clips). We also include a custom logo printed on all photos, a Photo CD with all the photos taken that night, as well custom backgrounds to compliment the theme of your event.

Q. How many photos can our guests take?

A. Completely unlimited throughout the night! However, if we have the same child (or “big kid”… you know who you are Uncle Jim!) coming up over and over and over again (and there is always one), and we have not accommodated the rest of your guests at least once, we will kindly ask them to allow us to finish up, and they are then welcome to come back for additional photos.

Q. How many photos can be printed per hour? We have heard all types of numbers from other companies.

Short Answer: We average about 50-60 printouts per hour, which results in a total of 200-240 print outs in a 4 hour time period. To clarify, this does not mean we are taking 200-240 photos in a four-hour time period and neither are our competitors. We are simply guaranteeing one printout per person in the photograph so each guest goes home with a copy.

Detailed Answer: We are 100% familiar with the software that our so-called competitors are using. Based on the technical shortcomings of their software (it’s almost 8 years old), not to mention there low quality inkjet printers, we believe there is almost no chance they can print 50-60 pictures per hour.Because we designed our own software, we have made the process seamless, allowing us to truly print 50-60 prints per hour.

Q. Are the backgrounds suitable for all ages (are there any inappropriate ones)?

A. All backgrounds are PG rated. However, if your event is an adult situated event such as a bachelor or bachelorette party, we do have a separate group of backgrounds just for these types of events (if you catch our drift!) Just let us know!

Q. What are your space and electrical requirements?

A. A floor space (a footprint) of at least14 x 14 feet and within 25 feet of an electrical outlet not shared with any other equipment. Our setup should be a bit away from the DJ so we can communicate with your guests and not fight over the airwaves with your awesome DJ! Any size less than a 14 x 14 will not allow us to take photos of large groups. We also need two, 6 foot tables with tablecloths, and 2 chairs.

Q. How many guests can you handle comfortably with your standard package?

A. Up to 300 individual guests in a four-hour time period. Anything more than this, we urge you to order a secondary system or add additional attendants

Q. What does your setup look like? We don’t want anything obtrusive at our event.

A. You can see a photograph of our exact setup by clicking here. Essentially, we have three pole lights focused on the backdrop (the lights must be on at all times when we are taking photographs, so if you are having an underground club type of event where our lights would interfere with the ambiance, please place us in a different part of the room or outside of the main ballroom). NOTE: if you are going to have a fog machine as part of your DJ set up, you must place as far away from this because the fog will interfere with the quality of your photographs. Laser lights, however will not interfere.

Q. Are you fully insured as the catering facility requires this?

A. Yes, we are fully insured and are happy to provide a certificate of insurance upon request.

Q. We have seen many companies offering similar photo favors services such as yours at rates much lower/ higher than yours. Can you please CLEARLY DISTINGUISH the difference between your service and the others?

A. Good question! The answer to this is a bit on the long winded side, but if you read nothing else, you are already ahead of the game and deserve a pat on the back for not taking a chance and going with the lowest priced company.

There a ton of advantages that we have over our competitors but our number one advantage is we are the only company using REAL PHOTO LAB PRINTERS (the same you see at photo labs, kiosks, and pharmacies where you print your digital photos). What this means for you is, picture perfect prints- 99% FADE RESISTANT, NO INK SMUDGING on your fingers, and all printed on high grade, glossy, Kodak-like paper! The reason we are the only ones with these units is simple- because they cost in the $5,000 range to purchase, and not every company can afford to purchase two for every event (we do 5 events per night).

Our printers also automatically cut the photos to size (our competitors using inkjet have to stop taking photos, making your guests wait, to cut them to size and frame them). And let’s not forget that our printers only take 8 seconds to print a photo!

***With Inkjet Printers… The biggest problem with inkjet, which is still used by 99% of our competitors, is that inkjet photos usually begin to fade within 1-3 months. I’m sure you have some fading photos lying around somewhere in the house or office that are starting to fade. PLUS, if it is raining outside, all it takes is a few drops of rain and that is the end of the photograph.**** (some companies use pigmented ink or dye sub level ink but it makes no difference because ink is ink and ink fades. Inkjet printers belong in a home, not an event.

We are extremely dedicated to our clients and felt the cost for these printers were well worth it! As mentioned earlier, our printers only take 8 seconds to print which is how we obtain up to 50-60 prints per hour. Have you ever seen an inkjet printer that can print a photo in 8 seconds? We haven’t and you can watch our video by clicking here.

We also send out REAL PROFESSIONALS who not only know how to take photos correctly, but they also understand what customer service is all about. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not hire a kid fresh out of high school that shows up in ripped jeans and has social issues (Yes, many companies hire H.S. kids… another reason they are cheaper than us)!

We have teams scattered amongst the tri-state area, therefore we rarely charge for travel. North, Central, South New Jersey, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Long Island New York, Manhattan, Westchester, Connecticut, or wherever, no problem!

Our backgrounds are almost all designed by us so the quality is where it needs to be (other companies purchase, low grade “stock” backgrounds, and attempt to enlarge them. When this is done, the prints will appear grainy). We also do not have “red eye” issues which many companies tend to face and some do not remove them prior to printing. Some of your guest may be devils (wink), but the red devil eyes should be removed prior to printing!

Our competitors only tend to be about $200-$250 less than us, so do you really want to spend this much money on a photo that is almost guaranteed to fade in time with them, when you can get the real deal from us?

Hiring the wrong entertainment company will BREAK your event and we can practically guarantee you and your guests will be disappointed down the line if you hire a company that is still utilizing old technology when the photos begin fading after just a few months.

We hope this better explains why to choose quality over lower price and hope we are chosen to host your event. But if you are still looking for a lower rate, please consider booking with another company because we cannot jeopardize the quality of your event, not to mention our stellar reputation, over price.

Q. Ok, you sold US! What is your pricing?

A. Many variables are taken into consideration, but to give you a ballpark, prior to contacting us please expect to spend around $1,175 and up for our services (other packages offered at additional rates). For an exact price please contact us via email by clicking here or contact us via phone toll free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7.

Q. Can you mail us physical samples?

A. Sure can, but we only accept requests for samples via phone so you can determine if we are the right fit for you and within your event’s budget. We will only send out the prints, not frames as they tend to break in transit. You can thumb through our brochure for photos of our frames and such.

Q. What size are your standard print outs and what items or types of frames are the photos placed into?

A. It depends on which package you select (please contact us for our packages) but we offer prints in 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10 in size. We have black folder frames, and acrylic frames in those sizes, as well as smaller items such as key chains, magnets and photo stands. If you see an item elsewhere that you would like to have at your party, please let us know because we can usually locate the source.

Q. We do not need your service for four hours. Can we rent for a shorter amount of time?

A. You can but because we have certain FIXED costs that do not change whether we are there for 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours our price stays the same. If however your event falls out between Mon-Thurs., we might be able to offer you a 3 hour package at a slighter lower rate.

Q. Are your rates negotiable?

A. Our rates are nonnegotiable, unless you are combining multiple services from our company (which many do).

Q. Do you bring back up equipment in case of emergency?

A. YES! We have backups of literally every piece of equipment that we bring (laptops, printers, batteries, cameras, chargers and even down to the plugs and wires themselves)!

Q. We are concerned that the Photo Favors will distract from our event. How do we avoid this?

A. Fortunately, this does not happen, but it is a common concern of our customers. Being our setup allows guests to make a fast selection from our backgrounds and have their photo taken, we tell them to come back later and send them send them right back to your event (we don’t want them hanging around the whole night either! Wink wink!)

Q. Can your services be moved during our event?

A. No, so please choose our location carefully. If we are asked to move, expect us to take at least 90 minutes to reconfigure ourselves and this will come off your 4 hour rental time.

Q. Can we have recent referrals from those who have used your service?

A. Happy to supply! For privacy reasons, these are given over the phone only (no email).

Q. How soon in advance do we need to let you know for a reservation?

A. We suggest a minimum of 6-12 months in advance otherwise you might end up having to reserve with a subpar company as we truly fill fast!

Q. How early do you arrive for setup for the Photo Favor Setup?

A.We arrive 2 Hours in advance and need one 1 for packing up. Please let your caterer know this.

Q. We have seen companies offering other types of photo favors and upgrades to the packages that you do not offer. Any additional information on this?

A. We have access to either the same, similar, or better items then they do. We simply chose not to put everything on the website as it can become very overwhelming to the eyes.

Q. Does the service come directly from you or do you subcontract your work to another company?

A. All our services come directly from us. We never use a middleman as this leads to nothing but trouble.

Q. We have found a company that is a lot more expensive than your company by about $300-$500. Why is this?

A. They are not offering anything better (for sure) then us. They are simply charging more, most likely because they are hiring a subcontractor to perform the work on their behalf and tack on a huge commission for themselves. You end up overpaying for the service when you can be getting the real deal directly from us. Another way to determine if a company is using a subcontractor is if on their website they are offering 30-40+ services as it is nearly impossible for any, one entertainment company to manage this.

Q. We would love to use your service, but we simply cannot afford to spend this much. Can you offer to us a discount?

A. We get this a lot but believe me, if we could offer our service for even $1 less we would but due to the various inputs such as the Photo Lab quality prints, the highly trained (and rightfully so, well-paid staff), fuel, tolls, travel time, and other costs, our rates are nonnegotiable, unless you are combining multiple services from our company (which many do).

Q. Do you bring props?

A. There is a wonderful wholesale to the public company for props that you can order from located at

Q. We are ready to reserve. Where can we download a copy of your contract?

A.We fill out the contract over the phone together and then it is emailed / mailed to you. Please call us toll free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7

Q. Wow, this was some wonderful information! I think we are ready to book but still have some questions.

A. Great! Please give us a call toll free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7 and we will hold the date and get a contract out to you pronto!