Photobooth Rentals FAQs


Between January 2009 and January 2011, there have been a total of 47 new Photo Booth rental companies in the tri-state area! With that being said, before you reserve a Photo Booth rental for your Wedding or Bar / Mitzvah or any other event from OUR COMPANY or ANY COMPANY,

Take the time to do your homework, because not all

Photo Booth Rental Companies are created equally!

With 24 years in the Photo Booth business, we harbor no modesty stating that we are the authority on Photo Booth Rentals- Please check out our FAQ below and contact us by clicking here or calling us at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7 if you have any questions:



Q. What do your Photo Booths look like? Is it a real Photo Booth Machine?

A.Short Answer: Please click here to see a photograph of the actual Photo Booth you will receive. All our machines are identical so there are no surprises the night of. We only rent REAL Photo Booth machines and not one of those “phony photo booths” you may have seen on the internet made out of curtains draped over metal pipes, and a cheap inkjet printer sitting on the table.

Q. I noticed you offer two types of Photo Booths for rentals. What are the main differences between the two and which do you recommend for our Wedding / Bar, Bat Mitzvah / Sweet 16, etc?

A.Short Answer: Our wood paneled Booth is known as the Vintage Digital Photo Booth (click here for a photo) and our marble textured Photo Booth is known as our Roman “Modern” Styled Photo Booth. Functionality wise, they are exactly the same and differ only in looks, but there are times where we MUST use the Roman “Modern” Styled Photo Booth (Please see the detailed answer to find out if you should order this one).

Detailed Answer: Yes, we offer two types of Booths:

For our New Jersey, Long Island, and Pennsylvania market (excluding Downtown Philadelphia where we have another Booth style), we generally offer the Vintage Digital Photo Booth only (click here for a photo). However, after reviewing the load in details with your catering facility, if we determine that we will be unable to fit the Vintage Digital Photo Booth into the building, please order the Roman “Modern” Styled Photo Booth (click here for a photo), which separates into pieces and reassembles allowing us to get into any building or even on a yacht, regardless of the building or yacht’s logistics. Believe me, if we can’t do it, no other company can.

For New York City (meaning the five boroughs), the downtown Philadelphia market, and any other metro type area, we only offer the marble textured Photo Booth known as the Roman “Modern” Styled Photo Booth for two reasons: 1. About 40% of the buildings in these areas cannot accommodate a full size, one piece Photo Booth and the last thing you want to do is find out the hard way. Because the Roman Styled “Modern” Photo Booth, breaks down into several pieces, we can literally carry it into the building, so obstacles such as a flight of stairs or poor accessibility is no longer an issue where it would be with any other Photo Booth machine (or a company who fails to do their homework). The second reason is, there is simply no parking available for large (tall) delivery vehicles in downtown areas, and being this Booth disassembles into smaller pieces, we can deliver it in a cargo van, eliminating the parking issue.

(Note: you should know that most companies do not even look into logistics, and end up finding out the hard way when they show up and cannot get the Booth into the building or find a place to park!)

Q. What Features Does Your Vintage Digital Photo Booth Offer in a standard package?

A.Short Answer: Our Photo Booths take 4 photos and that are laid out in a traditional, 4 pose, vertical strip (click here for a photo), similar to the boardwalk style Photo Booth strips. What’s nice is the Booth automatically prints a duplicate strip so you can each receive one strip! More info can be found by reading the “Detailed Answer Below”.

Detailed Answer:

Our Booths are modeled to resemble the old school Booths that were found on the boardwalk and amusement parks in the old days!

Guests choose black and white or color themselves or we can enable vintage mode only, which means the machine will print only black-and-white photos throughout the night.

A standard rental is 4 hours of unlimited usage with an attendant on hand.

Duplicate copies of the 4 pose, vertical strips (click for a photo).

Each strip is approx. 2″ Inches wide by 6″ Inches long.

Unlimited turns in the Booth throughout the night.

A properly dressed and mannered attendant on site (or off site if requested).

Fun Upgrades!

Our hottest and newest upgrade is our quadruple (4x) print option of the same photo strip! It’s become so popular because most people go in the Booth in groups of 3 or more, and you know we are all secretly picture hogs and want a strip to ourselves rather than to have to share! This also means your guests will be more apt to donate a photo strip to the guest album that you go home with at the nights end. This also speeds things up because now your guests do not have to go for another “turn” just so they too can have a full strip to themselves (of course they are welcome to!)

We can place any type of Monogram / Logo at the bottom of the photo strip. We have two styles of Monogram / Logos (click here to see your options).

We can save all photos to a CD or memory stick or digitally upload them in one file.

Heavy duty Scrapbooks (not the five dollar low-end ones that you find at the local craft stores). This is a great upgrade so one photo strip goes into the book for your guests to include a personal message to you while they go home with the other copy (or copies) of the photo strips for themselves.

Acrylic Frames: Custom sized to fit the photo strip so guests can display them at home.

Oversized Triple Prints: A very popular upgrade as well! Size is 2″ Inches wide by 9″ Inches long.

Q. We are totally confused! Why is there is such a huge variance in price between Photo Booth rental companies? I don’t want to get ripped off so why are there companies starting at $600, $900, $1200, and $1600+? There must be a simple and logical justification for such a huge price difference?

A.Short Answer: Yes, there is. There have been 47 new Photo Booth companies open for business and that’s just between January 2009 and January 2011 and you should be concerned! Here is what you need to know:

In short, it is our opinion (our lawyer made say “in our opinion” so, please read between the lines) to steer clear of the “guys” in the $600-$1,000 range (see detailed answer below) and steer clear of companies overcharging in the $1600+ range. Here’s why:

Detailed Answer: The companies that are charging in the $600-$1,000 range are usually not offering a real Photo Booth machine. They are offering you what’s known as the “pipe and drape”, the “soft Booth” or as we call it in the business, the “phony photo booth”, that looks like circus tent (click here for a sample photo of what might arrive at your event on your special night). Some try to get over on you by not having a photo of their Booths on their website or try to convince you that their machines are better because they seat more people, and is portable. This may sound great but there’s a HUGE catch!

These phony Photo Booths are usually made out of nothing more than cheap fabric draped over metal pipes and most utilize cheap, low grade inkjet printers that sit out on a table with an attendant controlling the output and camera (how is that a traditional Photo Booth?) Also, these phony Photo Booths are usually not very “eye appealing” (a nice way to say very ugly) and may not be appropriate for a Wedding and other private events. Some also have a high probability to malfunction at your event, with ink smudging on your hands and that beautiful white dress. We have even heard horror stories of the metal pipes separating and hitting a bride’s grandmother in the head and we are not kidding around! Also, because they are offering the service so cheap, many companies will push the add-ons at a ridiculous price. You might end up overpaying and still receive a lower quality setup. To see a sample of what we are talking about, check out the following link by clicking here.

The companies STARTING in the $1,200-$1,500 range are generally the type of company you want to go with if you are interested in receiving high quality prints, a real Photo Booth, and an overall higher quality of service. They usually have experience, deliver themselves, and tend to have technical know-how should something occur. However, there are still a ton of differences amongst those companies too. For example, be careful for the “Tiny Photo Booths” that have hit the market (click to see a sample photo)… They have been marketed as “portable” to entice DJ’s and Photographers to get in on the Photo Booth action. While we think this is great, these machines, (COMPARED TO OUR MACHINES), these machines are extremely slow (our machines are 2x faster which means more prints for your guests… for a live comparison, click here to see our video). There Booths also barely seat one person, and the quality of the print is simply nowhere near ours (ask for samples from both of us please and see for yourself).

The companies in the $1,600-$2,400 range are simply overpriced, and are not offering you anything more or less than we would. Their price is based on various factors but mainly it’s because they don’t own their own delivery trucks and have to pay in the $200-$400 range for delivery or they are subcontracting another company and tacking on a heavy commission for themselves. Why should you have to pay this?

And please don’t take our word for it. After reading through our FAQ guide, start comparing our offerings with others. Watch our videos, read our brochures, and please request samples (via phone only). We think it will be a no-brainer who you will want at your event (US!)

Q. Why should we hire your company?

A.Short Answer: In short, unlike most companies, we are offering real Photo Booth machines only, and not some “makeshift” unit made out of fabric and metal poles in an attempt to fool you. We have 24 years of experience under our belts and build each booth by hand. Our Booths are also look better and perform better because we are the only ones utilizing 22 Megapixel DSLR cameras and actual photo lab printers- (the type the pharmacies use when you print out your digital photos). These practically last forever which means our print quality is much higher than anything else on the market. Our prints are 100% Water Resistant (beer resistant!), 100% Smudge Proof and 99% Fade Resistant and print on Kodak-like glossy photo paper. Our booths also only take 6 seconds per photo strip! With photo strips from inkjet printers, which many of our still competitors use, the photos may smudge on your hands and ruining that pretty white dress! Our staff is also a heck of a lot friendlier, fun, dressed right, tech savvy, and properly trained to deal with any possible scenarios that may occur.

A ton of companies (especially ones in New York, New Jersey, and Phili) tend to pull a bait and switch on what they “offer” and what they “bring” to your event. With us, what you see is what you get!

If your concern is quality, please consider renting from us. If your concern is lowest price, we cannot take on your event because we cannot afford to jeopardize your event or our stellar reputation over a few dollars in price.

Q. Another company is offering the same (or close) to what you guys have to offer and at a much lower rate. Can you meet or beat it?

A.Short answer: If they are a lot less than us ($300-$400) rest assure something isn’t “kosher” however we do encourage you to submit there price quote and there company name so we can email you a clear and concise document that shows you the differences between our machines and there’s. Once we point out the differences, it will become apparent who is on the up and up and we hope you make the right choice (by hiring us!) However, if after we point out the major differences and you’re still looking for a discount on our services, please consider booking with another company as we base everything on quality, not price.

Q. We heard there is a chemical based (1950’s) Classic Photo Booth (similar to the old ones found in amusement parks back in the day) that prints double prints but we read on several other sites that there is no such thing. Who’s telling the truth?

A.The competitor is not explaining themselves correctly or they are blatantly lying as it is physically impossible to do this because Chemical Booths do not produce negatives and without negatives, duplicates cannot be produced. Please take our word on this as we have worked with chemical Booths since 1984 until we retired them in late 2007. Sometimes they will build a so called classic looking machine that has digital parts, hoping to fool you. The easiest way to catch them in a lie is to ask them what size is their photo strip (chemical booths only print one strip that is 1.5 inch wide by 8 inches long strips). Another way to catch them is ask them if their booth can print black and or white AND color simultaneously (it’s not possible with a chemical booth!) Chemical booths cannot save photos to a CD either (unless they bring a scanner and laptop which means the digital copy will be of a poor grade on your CD).

Q. We were offered a “Chemical Classic” Photo Booth by another company. What is the difference between your Digital Booth and theirs and which is better for your event.

A.Short Answer: The chemical booths were great for their time but have many shortcomings such as slow speed, lack of options, and less prints per hour, then digital. Please see the detailed answer and you might agree with us as well.

Detailed Answer:

Here are some reasons why you may not want to rent a Chemical Classic Photo Booth:

They are so wide, that sometimes are too wide to make turns into some buildings (then what happens)?

Chemical Photo Booths can only print ONE COPY, not doubles like digital Photo Booths.

Takes 4 minutes per photo strip to print. (OUCH!)

You can only print either black & white or color THE ENTIRE NIGHT.

They weigh almost 900 Pounds so some caterers will not let them in due to damaged tile floors.

The parts have not been updated since the 1970’s and major upkeep is required. It is normal for these Booths to fail intermittently and can sometimes take hours to fix.

Takes at least 2-3 hours for setup so if there is an event prior to yours the Booth may not be ready in time for your event.

NOTE :Some Chemical Classic Booths companies claim they are faster than digital Booths because they can develop up to 7 photo strips at a time (they still take 4 minutes each) and digital Booths can only print two at a time. THIS IS ONLY TRUE IF AND ONLY IF they are comparing the chemical photo booth to the commercial digital photo booths that are store bought because some of them have a one minute time delay between guest’s photo sessions. We have no doubt it was done intentionally so less film is used…. not cool!

However, with our custom built Vintage Digital Photo Booths there is NO WAIT TIME between sessions so while it’s printing, you can keep taking photos! In other words, our Booths are faster than any other digital units as well as the chemical units! If you doubt us, please setup an appointment with us. In the same amount of time it takes the Chemical Booth to develop 7 single strips, we can have about 16-18 printed for you!

Q. What happens if the Booth breaks down during our event?

A.Short Answer: We bring a backup of every part for our Photo Booth Rentals, down to the wiring itself so we simply change out the “bad” part and you’re back up and running usually in less than 10 minutes!

We are so confident that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if we can’t fix it (unless the power goes out of course or something crazy happens out of our control!)

Q. We would prefer not to have our photos used in any of your ads for “such and such” reasons. How does this work? (Non-Disclosure).

Short Answer: Simply let us know and consider it done.

Quick and Common Questions:

Q. How many hours is your standard Photo Booth package rental and what is included?

A.  A standard rental is 4 hours of unlimited usage with an attendant on hand.

Q. Hour many photos can your Photo Booth print in 4 hours?

A: About 400-500 individual strips in 4 hours, give or take. What this means is if the Booth is a very active throughout the night, you can expect up to about 250 sessions, which means up to 250 groups of people in and out of the Booth in a four hour time period. This is a total of 500 printed physical strips. (*Various factors play a role in the level of output and we do not guarantee any set number*)

With our competitor’s digital photo machines, do not expect more than 200 printed strips in a four-hour time period, which means only 100 groups of people in and out of the Booth. (How Boring!)

Q. How fast does the Photo Booth print photo strips?

A: After the “command” is sent to the printer, about 12 seconds per set of prints (that’s only 6 seconds per strip!) Pretty darn quick if we may say so ourselves.

Q. Are the photos unlimited?

A: After the “command” is sent to the printer, about 12 seconds per set of prints (that’s only 6 seconds per strip!) Pretty darn quick if we may say so ourselves.

Q. Can we bring food and drink into the Photo Booths?

A: YES and please bring us some as well (wink!)

Q. What can’t we do in the Booth?

A: The same rules of Las Vegas apply: What goes on behind the curtain, stays behind the curtain!

Q .What are your rates for both your Photo Booths?

A: All events are custom priced to account for variables such as distance and details of event. However, if your event is on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday please be ready and able to spend around $1,195 (price will vary). If you’ve seen prices much lower, please click here to understand what you’re getting or not getting at their rate. For events Monday – Thursday, our rates are discounted. Also, please note there are no seasonal discounts as we are, thankfully always fully booked all 52 weeks out of the year (300 Photo Booth rentals a year!) To receive exact pricing, please use this email form by clicking here or call us toll free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN7.

Q .We have your online brochure and information, but where is the pricing?

A: To receive exact pricing, please use this email form by clicking here or call us toll free at 1-877-487-3867.

Q .How much do you charge for overtime or if we need you at the facility earlier then your usual 90 minute setup time?

A: . This will be included in your price quote. To receive exact pricing, please use this email form by clicking here or call us toll free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN7.

Q .What are your prices for your fun upgrades (Guest Album, Save Photos to CD, Logos, Frames, Props, quadruples prints, over sized triple prints, etc?)

A: All of this is included in your price quote which you can receive by filling out our contact us form by clicking here or calling us toll free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7.

Q .Can we order reprints of our photos?

A: If you order the “Save to CD option”, you can reprint photos on your PC or local print shop.

Q .Is there an attendant included in the price? How much do you charge to have an attendant on hand?

A: It is already included in your rate so there is no extra charge. Unless specifically requested, the attendant will automatically be there the duration of the night (the attendant will take two, short 10-15 minute breaks. The Booth will remain operational, so no worries!)

Q .How much additional do you charge for travel?

A: We usually do not charge for travel. To receive and exact price quote, please use our contact us form by clicking here or call us toll free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7. Your price will already include all particulars.

Q .We are concerned that the Photo Booth will dominate our event. Any way to avoid this?

A: Fortunately, this does not happen, but it is a common concern of our customers. Being our Booths are faster than anything else out there usually people are in, out, pick up their photos, put some in the guest album and are back on dance floor in no time!

Q .Can you work with our Planner/DJ so we get the maximum use of the Photo Booth?

A:Absolutely! Please provide us with their contact info.

Q .Do you provide props?

A:We prefer to allow you to order them yourselves from the most popular wholesale to public company around at

Q. How do the photos look (print out), orientation wise?

A:Please look at our brochure by clicking here: What you see is what you get: Your guests go in for 4 “poses”. The strip will print the 4 pictures vertically and prints a duplicate strip immediately after the first. There are two monogram / logo options as well. Please click here to see them.

Q. Are you fully insured? My caterer requires this.

A: Yes! And we will supply an insurance certificate on request only.

Q. Can we have recent referrals from those who have used your service?

A:Happy to supply! For privacy reasons, these are given over the phone only (no email).

Q. Do you use “subcontractors” for your services?

A: NEVER. All our staff members are employed by us and work for us only. Subcontractors lead to nothing but trouble.

Q. Is there an attendant on hand for the entire event?

A: Yes! They are professionally trained, dressed properly, and very personable (no hired hands or kids out of high school!) They are there for regular maintenance and assistance to the guests. They will take two, 10-15 breaks throughout the night to stretch, eat, use the restroom, etc. The Photo Booth will remain open during their break, so no worries.

Q. How does the attendant come dressed?

A: Dress Shirt, Slacks, Shoes, & Tie (if tuxedo requested, you must supply).

Q. Do you offer custom logos on the photo strips? How do they look and what are our options?

A: YES! We customize our strips to the tee and have two different styles! Please see our brochure by clicking here or for a quick sample by clicking here. You can have text, graphics, backgrounds, etc…

Q. Do you offer a guest album / scrapbook assembled on site?

A: Yes it is assembled on-site and handed to you at the end of the night! We highly suggest ordering one for your event as it is great fun to flip through the next day and 20 years from now!

Q. Can we see the guest album and is the guest album a high quality book or an “arts and crafts” supply store quality?

A: Our books are high end. Our competitors like to use the $5 arts and crafts type, not us. Because we order in bulk, a lot of the times, the manufacturer chooses what to send us, however they tend to be fairly consistent in the books that they are sending. Here are some photos of our current supply. The Wedding books tend to be white with pearls on the outside or a solid black book. For Mitzvahs and Sweet 16’s we try to get some funky colored paper and books if requested. The Wedding books come with white pages, and we provide photo safe glue, as well as pens / markers. You can also order black paper, (we suggest using silver or gold markers for this. Additional charges apply for colored paper and pens/markers other than black). You are always welcome to bring your own guest album as well.

Q. Do you offer a save photos to CD option?

A: Yes! CD’s are mailed about 2 weeks post event.

Q. What type of events are Photo Booth rentals appropriate for?

A: All types of events! There is never an “age cap” on fun! Weddings, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate, Sweet 16’s, Communions, Street Fairs, Block Parties, Adult Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parties, Gradations, Proms, and just about any other event under the sun!

Q. Can you mail us physical samples?

A. Yes, please call to order samples (email requests for samples will not be honored).

Q. How soon in advance do we need to let you know for a reservation?

A: We suggest a minimum of 6-12 months in advance otherwise you might end up having to reserve with a sub-par company as we truly fill fast!

Q. We decided last minute on a Photo Booth. Can you accommodate us?

A: Generally we cannot, but call us and we will do our best to accommodate but please be realistic that most folks reserve up to a year in advance.

Q. We are ready to reserve. Where can we download a copy of your contract?

A: We fill out the contract over the phone together and then it is emailed / mailed to you. Please call us toll free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7

Q. How does the Booth provide a marketing branding opportunity for corporate events or high school proms?

A: There are two styles of logos we offer. We are able to place your company or high school or other private event logo on each strip. Please click here for a sample. This acts as a constant “reminder” and will in turn generate repeat business and smiles amongst your guests commemorating the fun they had at your event!

LOGISTICS: Dimensions of Booth, Physical Limitations and other great questions.

Q. What are the dimensions of both Photo Booth rental machines so we can make sure they fit into the building?

A: Our Vintage Digital Photo Booths Come Apart in two pieces for ease of transport and snaps back together once we are inside (Patent pending by the way..)


EACH PIECE OF Our Vintage Digital Photo Booth Is):

Height: 76 Inches

Width: 30 Inches (fits through the width of a single doorway).

Depth: 46 Inches

Total Weight: 200 pounds.

Our Roman Modern Style Photo Booth:

(this Booth can fit through any size doorway that is 31″ or wider, but, our “reassembled” size for your floor plan / footprint is):

Height: 76 Inches

Width: 36 Inches

Depth: 84 Inches

Total Weight: 200 Pounds

Q. How will you know if the Photo Booth will fit in the catering hall?

A: Prior to signing our contract, you are given a logistics sheet with all our detailed logistics that you MUST clear with the catering hall.

Q. What are your power and space requirements for the Photo Booth?

A: A 10 foot by 10 foot space, (preferably a corner), and a dedicated electrical outlet no more than 25 feet or so from the Photo Booth. Also, please set us up a bit away from the DJ so we don’t have to fight over the airwaves to hear what your guests are asking us.

Q. Can you accommodate outdoor events?

A: YES! We are the Jersey Shore and Backyard Photo Booth Delivery Kings!

All outdoor events automatically require the booking of our Roman Modern Style Photo Booth because the Vintage Digital Photo Booth h2, cannot be pushed on any soft services such as grass gravel or dirt (it sinks into the ground like quicksand) and being almost all events outdoors are on a soft surface, the Roman Modern Style Photo Booth must be used as it can be carried over such surfaces. We then put our own sheet of plywood to lay down over the soft surface to assure the Booth is stable and safe for your guests to use.

Please make sure we have a clear and open pathway for us to carry a 40 pound piece of a Photo Booth through. We also need a tent (it must be warm enough outside for the staff), and an electrical outlet (we cannot and will not use a generator).

Q. Can the Photo Booth be moved during our event?

A. No. Due to lengthy set up times and possible danger to your guests and our equipment, it is not possible without cutting into your paid time. If we are forced to move, it will take us at least one hour to set everything up again and this will be part of your four hour rental time.

Q. Our event is on the second floor in our catering facility and you need to use an elevator / or there is no elevator. Can you accommodate?

A. With your contract, there will be a logistics page that includes the size the elevator needs to be. If they do not have an elevator we still have some tricks up our sleeves! Order our Roman Styled “Modern” Photo Booth that assembles and disassembles for easy carry in and setup.

Q .Can the Photo Booth go up stairs or roll on soft surfaces (grass, dirt)? Or, can you get it on a yacht?

A: Stairs, soft surfaces, and yachts are a no no for some companies, but not us! Order our Roman Styled “Modern” Photo Booth that assembles and disassembles for easy carry in and setup.

Q. Cocktail and reception share the same room. When should we start the Booth?

A: Definitely the cocktail hour because you would not want the Photo Booth loaded in while guests are already in the room. If there is a partition wall that “opens up” after cocktail, then you can start us at reception because no one will see us setting up.

Q. How early do you arrive for setup for the Photo Booth rental?

A: On Average, 90-120 minutes in advance. Dismantling takes about 1 hour as well.

Other Questions:

Q. We do not have the budget for a 4 hour rental. Can we rent for less time at a lower rate?

A. We have certain variables in place us that cost us the same regardless of the duration of your event (labor, tolls, trucking, wear and tear, etc.) therefore our rates are the same for a 1,2,3 or 4 hour rental because anything less is unfortunately not feasible for us.

Q. We are not 100% ready to reserve but can we have a contract to review?

A. We can send you a blank contract to review but please do not ask us to fill out all the details to use as a price quote to show another company because this takes up a lot of our time. Instead, please request a price quote through our contact us form by clicking here.

Q. We really want a Photo Booth but cannot afford it. Any alternatives or suggestions?

A. You’re going to think we are pulling your leg but several of our clients put the Booth on their bridal registry in increments of $100-$200 per gift and were able to have the Booth paid for in just a few days!

We also strongly urge everyone to Realize that it is the “entertainment” you and your guests remember so that is where the money should go to! Try to “trim the fat” where you can.. Do you need the flower arrangement for $300 per table that dies in a few days? Do you need the ten tier Wedding cake for $1000 or will the 2 tier cake do just as well?

Remember: Photo and Video can last a lifetime and are the only way to capture our most precious moments (until we invent a time machine that is!)

Q. We like the idea of a Photo Booth, but are afraid the “older folks” will think it’s tacky and not make use of it. Is there any truth to this or are we just being paranoid?

A: Fortunately, you are just being paranoid! We find that pop-pop and granny get into the “Photo Booth” just as much if not more than the young folks because it reminds them of their younger years when they took their first “together forever” photo in a Photo Booth similar to this one! In fact we have had guests well into their late 80’s pull out photos of themselves that they took in their TWENTIES! Just goes to show you how cherished a photo can remain to the heart!

Q. In your opinion, can we eliminate the cheesy favors that most events have on the table for guests if we rent a Photo Booth?

A: We think so because most guests put them on a shelf to collect dust or toss them! What a waste of money! A Photo Booth Rental provides an instant event photo favor souvenir that is treasured forever and is happily displayed in the home (especially if you order our acrylic picture frames! Click here for a photo). Besides, you won’t believe this but the cost of a good Photo Booth machine rental is usually only a few dollars more than the table favors and extra giveaways!

SUGGESTION: A great way to ensure all your guests partake in the Photo Booth fun, is to order our acrylic frames and put them at each table setting (we will mail them to you weeks before your event). Include a note in them or on the table stating for your guests to come take a photo in the Photo Booth, compliments of the guest(s) of honor!

Q. We really want the Photo Booth to play a large role in our event. Any suggestions on how to get the most for our money without taking away from the importance of our event?

A: YES! Here are a few suggestions:

1. If you have the room in the main ballroom set us up in there. Though the Booth is very popular, it will not distract from the importance of your event so do not worry. If you do not have room in the main ballroom, place us near the doors that lead to the ballroom or even near the bathroom, because everyone eventually makes the trip to the little boys or girls room and says hi to us!

2. You can ask the DJ to make one announcement every hour or so.

3. Use the Photo Booth as your “save the date” invitation (ask us how!)

4. Order the photo guest album from us and have us put a monogram on the photo strip. Guests truly enjoy remembering whose event was so much fun and love writing a little something special to you near their photos in the guest album. You will enjoy flipping through it the next day with all the fun (and read all the nice and not so nice comments! LOL!)

5. They will also appreciate the frame to hold their photo strip because that size is not available locally.

6. Order the CD option and use the photos for blackmail (can you say Facebook anyone!)