What are Flip Book Photo Favors?


Do you remember those little flip books we all used to draw as kids and as you flip through the pages, the characters appeared animated? That is exactly what we do, but this time, your guests get to become the stars in the flip books! Our Flipped Out Photo Favors are by far the hottest and most fun service to be brought to the event market in quite some time! This service is clearly for those who after the most fun imaginable for their event and to bedazzle and impress their guests!HERE’S HOW IT WORKS:

Essentially, we setup a special backdrop and HD based camcorder at your event. Your guests grab a bunch of props from our prop bin and begin planning what fun things they would like to perform on camera! Half the fun is in watching just how creative your guests will become when they are the stars of the show!

They can act out a scene from a play or movie, they can dance, they can pretend to box or have a sword fight, jump up and down, ride a unicycle (ok, we are just joking about that one), perform a pantomime act or whatever else they have in mind!

The video only takes us about 10 seconds to film. From there, we turn the video into 60 still images, arranged in order and print these out on commercial grade color laser printers. We run the pictures through a specialized cutting machine that cuts the photos down to 3.5 x 2 wide (essentially the size of a business card). We slap a custom cover on your flip book (we will design this with you) and print one for each guest that starred in the movie!

We also offer some awesome features that most of our competitors do not offer such as the ability to have a line of text scroll through the pages of the flip books that can say whatever you prefer. We can also place digital backgrounds behind your guests (ex: standing in front of the Eifel tower, or next to a celebrity, etc.) For corporate events, we can even insert a “business card” on the inside that will help generate referrals or a thank you message to your guests.


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