Flip Book Photo Favors FAQs


There are a slew of companies offering what they call a similar product. We have created this service from the ground up (we even wrote our own software) to assure 100% satisfaction and to avoid technical mishaps at your event (something we have heard that is quite common with some of our competitors). The majority of our competitors are also using software that is very limited in terms of features for their clients. Our software however allows us to offer some pretty sweet touches to help your event shine!

But of course, take your time and do your homework and determine this for yourself, because not all companies are created equally.

Please browse through our Flipped Out Photo Favors Flip Books Brochure by clicking here, watch our videos by clicking here , and of course check out our FAQ guide below.

Should you have any questions about our offerings, or how we fare against our competitors, or if you would like to reserve with our company, You can contact us via email by clicking here or calling toll free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7


Q. What are Flipped Out Photo Favors (A.K.A. Flip Books)?

A. Do you remember those little flip books we all used to draw as kids and as you flip through the pages, the characters appeared animated? That is exactly what we do, but this time, your guests get to become the stars in the flip books! Our Flipped Out Photo Favors are by far the hottest and most fun service to be brought to the event market in quite some time! This service is clearly for those who after the most fun imaginable for their event and to bedazzle and impress their guests!


Essentially, we setup a special backdrop and HD based camcorder at your event. Your guests grab a bunch of props from our prop bin and begin planning what fun things they would like to perform on camera! Half the fun is in watching just how creative your guests will become when they are the stars of the show!

They can act out a scene from a play or movie, they can dance, they can pretend to box or have a sword fight, jump up and down, ride a unicycle (ok, we are just joking about that one), perform a pantomime act or whatever else they have in mind!

The video only takes us about 10 seconds to film. From there, we turn the video into 60 still images, arranged in order and print these out on commercial grade color laser printers. We run the pictures through a specialized cutting machine that cuts the photos down to 3.5 x 2 wide (essentially the size of a business card). We slap a custom cover on your flip book (we will design this with you) and print one for each guest that starred in the movie!

We also offer some awesome features that most of our competitors do not offer such as the ability to have a line of text scroll through the pages of the flip books that can say whatever you prefer. We can also place digital backgrounds behind your guests (ex: standing in front of the Eifel tower, or next to a celebrity, etc.) For corporate events, we can even insert a “business card” on the inside that will help generate referrals or a thank you message to your guests.

We debuted this service back in January 2010 and performed this new service at 62 events! We would love for you to have us at your event!

If you would like to SEE what our service is all about, please watch our video by clicking here or check out our brochure by clicking here.

Q. Is this service only good at kid’s event?

A. . Absolutely not! This new service goes over just as well for a Bar, Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, Communion, as much as it does at a fun couple’s Wedding or Corporate event. Especially if there is alcohol involved (wink wink!)

Q. Is this for Boys or Girls events?

A.Completely unisex. The boys get into the fun it just as much (if not more) as the girls do!

Q. How many flip books can you produce in a night?

A.We can produce 40-45 books per hour. Our service is always based off a four hour package which means you can expect approximately 160 – 180 books in a night.

Q. Does each person who is in the video receive a flip book photo favor?

A.YES! Each superstar will receive their own flip book.

Q. Are the flip books “unlimited”?

A.Yes, 100% unlimited. But naturally if we have the same child or “Big Kid” (you know you have at least one in the family, wink), we will ask them to allow us to take care of all the guests at least once, and then they are welcome to come back for more fun!

Q. What’s included in your standard package?

A.Our flip books setup includes a high quality white backdrop to shoot against making your guests “pop”, an HD camcorder to capture the action, our endless prop bin, commercial grade laser printers and all other materials, 2 attendants to run your event, and unlimited flip books.

You will also receive a DVD 2 weeks post your event, with all the video clips from the night (always fun to post on YouTube and Facebook). We will save them in a YouTube compatible format for you as well as a DVD quality version!

Custom Upgrade Options:

1. Customized covers to match the theme of your event (which are free if you book now!)

2. We also offer the option to have digital backgrounds being placed behind the guests instead of our white backdrop (known as green screening).

3. A scrolling line of text that will scroll “off” the book by the time you get to the last page. (Ex: thanks for “flipping out” at my Bat Mitzvah!)

4. For corporate events we offer the option to insert a “business card (information page)” as the last page for promotional purposes.

Q. What type of props do you bring?

A. Anything you can imagine! Pirate Hats, Bandannas and Wigs, goofy glasses, fake mustaches, kings and queens crowns, swords, inflatable aliens, inflatable balls and crayons, celebrity boas, Hawaiian lays, movie clap boards, and more! You can also order from our favorite wholesale to the public company at http://www.orientaltoytrading.com

Q. We love it! How much is the service

A. Many variables are taken into consideration, but to give you a ballpark, prior to contacting us please expect to spend around $1,595 for four hours of unlimited flip books. We also offer several upgrades at an additional rate. Please note our rates are non-negotiable unless combining multiple services as we base everything on quality, not price (we hope you do too!)

Q. We received a much lower price quote from another company? Can you meet or beat it?

A. We price match only if the company is offering something of the same quality and we ask that you submit their quote, website, and email correspondence to us and we will see what we can do. We hate losing clients over price, and usually find that most companies starting at less than our rate are not offering the same caliber of service we do, so let the buyer beware.

Q. Do we receive a master DVD copy of all the videos?

A. You sure do!

Q. How many hours is your standard Flip Books rental package?

A.Four hours of unlimited flip books.

Q. We do not have the budget for 4 hours. Can we rent at a discount for 3 hours?

A.Unfortunately, no. We have certain variables in place us that cost us the same regardless of the duration of your event (labor, tolls, trucking, wear and tear, supplies, etc.) therefore our rates are the same for a 1,2,3 or 4 hour rental because anything less is not feasible for us.

Q. Is your setup mobile?

A. No. Please choose our setup location carefully. If we have to move, you will lose at least 90 minutes of fun flip book making.

Q. What is your overtime rate?

A. This will be included in your price quote. You can request a price quote via email by clicking here or calling us Toll Free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7

Q. When do you arrive for setup?

A. TWO FULL HOURS prior to your event. We also need an hour to breakdown so please let your caterer know.

Q. What are your prices for your upgrades?

A. All of this can be found by requesting a quote via email by clicking here or calling us Toll Free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7

Q. How much additional do you charge for travel?

A. We usually do not charge for travel. To receive and exact price quote, please use our contact us form by clicking here or call us toll free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7. Your price will already include all particulars.

Q. Can you mail us physical samples?

A. Sure can, but we only accept requests for samples via phone so you can determine if we are the right fit for you and within your event’s budget.

Q. Does the service come directly from you or do you subcontract your work to another company?

A. All our services come directly from us. We never use a middleman as this leads to nothing but trouble.

Q. We have found a company that is a lot more expensive than your company by about $300-$500. Why is this?

A. Chances are, they are not offering anything better or worse (we hope) then us. They are simply charging more, most likely because they are hiring a subcontractor to perform the work on their behalf. They then tack on a huge commission for themselves (think of it as a finder’s fee). Essentially, you are overpaying for the service when you can be getting the real deal directly from us at a lower rate. Another way to determine if a company is using a subcontractor is if on their website they are offering 30-40+ services as it is nearly impossible for any, one entertainment company to manage this.

Q. What are your space and electrical requirements?

A. A floor space (a footprint) of at least14 x 14 feet and within 25 feet of an electrical outlet not shared with any other equipment. Our setup should be a bit away from the DJ so we can communicate with your guests and not fight over the airwaves with your awesome DJ! Any size less than a 14 x 14 will not allow us to take photos of large groups. If a corner of a room is available, this works out best!

Q. Can this service be performed outdoors?

A. Yes and no. If we have full tent (with walls) which allows full blockage of the sunlight glaring into the camera and without the wind making the backdrop flutter around then yes. If not, then we cannot.

Q. How many guests can you handle comfortably with your standard package?

A. Up to 300 individual guests in a four-hour time period. Anything more than this, we urge you to order a secondary system or add additional attendants.

Q. What is your setup look like? We don’t want anything obtrusive at our event.

A.Essentially, we have three pole lights focused on the backdrop (the lights must be on at all times when we are taking photographs, so if you are having an underground club type of event where our lights would interfere with the ambience, please place us in a different part of the room or outside of the main ballroom). We usually have two or three six-foot tables, and two chairs .The caterer should provide the table cloths. We also come with several laptops, our special printing units, and our proprietary system. We will also need a dedicated electrical outlet (meaning, that it is not shared with any other equipment, especially the DJ’s).

NOTE: if you are going to have a fog machine as part of your DJ set up, you must place as far away from this because the fog will interfere with the quality of your photographs. Laser lights, however will not interfere.

Q. Are you fully insured as the catering facility requires this?

A. Yes, we are fully insured and are happy to provide a certificate of insurance upon request.

Q. Wow, this was some wonderful information! I think we are ready to book but still have some questions. How do we go about doing so?

A. Great! Please give us a call toll free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7 and we will hold the date and get a contract out to you pronto!

Q. Do you bring back up equipment in case of emergency?

A. YES! We have backups of literally every piece of equipment that we bring (laptops, printers, batteries, cameras, chargers and even down to the plugs and wires themselves)!

Q. We are concerned that the Photo Favors will distract from our event. How do we avoid this?

A. Fortunately, this does not happen, but it is a common concern of our customers. Being our setup allows guests to make a fast selection from our prop bin, there video is taken and we send them right back to your event (we don’t want them hanging around the whole night either! Wink wink!)

Q. Can we have recent referrals from those who have used your service?

A. Happy to supply! For privacy reasons, these are given over the phone only (no email). Please call us toll free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7

Q. How soon in advance do we need to let you know for a reservation?

A. We suggest a minimum of 6-12 months in advance otherwise you might end up having to reserve with a sub-par company as we truly fill fast!

Q. We are ready to reserve. Where can we download a copy of your contract?

A. We fill out the contract over the phone together and then it is emailed / mailed to you. Please call us toll free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7