Airbrush Party Favors FAQ


Between January 2009 and January 2011, there have been a ton of new airbrush companies and a lot of “freelancers” trying to break into the market by under pricing established companies like ourselves by about $300. Generally speaking, though they may be talented, they tend to be very rough around the edges, personality wise and have no idea how to communicate with your guests. So as always, let the buyer beware! Be sure to TALK with the owners and get a feel for just who may be showing up at your event.

Should you have any questions about our offerings, or how we fare against our competitors, or if you would like to reserve with our company,

You can contact us via email by clicking here or calling toll free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7

Q. Where are your artist’s located
(are they local to my event)?

A. Our artists are stationed throughout the Tristate area and serve all of North , Central, and South New Jersey, Downtown Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Long Island (Nassau County and the Western Party Of Suffolk County), as well as Westchester, Connecticut, New York City (Manhattan), Queens, Staten Island, Bronx and Brooklyn.

Q. What exactly is airbrushing and airbrush party favors?

A. Airbrushing is the art of using airbrush “guns” (not spray cans) that aerate the paint, making it spray out in a controlled, fine mist. This allows the artist to “paint” on all types of apparel in fine detail (and not have to worry about making a mess)!

Q. How does it work at my event?

A. We setup a display board with ten designs plus a few custom ones to meet the theme of your event. 2 Weeks before your event, you will be asked to provide a list of all the guest’s names to us who are to receive an item at your event.

Your guests will give their name to the artist and tell them what type of clothing and size they prefer. Your guests will have the opportunity to fully personalize the item by choosing to have their Name (or nick-name) airbrushed on the item, along with the color scheme and design of their choice. They can even choose what style fonts they prefer (bubble letters, script, etc). Items are generally given out towards the end of the night (unless you request otherwise).

Q. Is airbrushing for Boys or Girls events?

A. BOTH! The boys get into the fun it just as much (if not more) as the girls do!

Q. What type of events do you perform your
airbrush party favor service for?

A. ALL types but primarily we are hired for Sweet 16’s, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Communions, Quinceaneras (Sweet 15’s), and even some very fun Weddings!

Q. Is airbrushing messy?

A. Not at all and the paint is non toxic, FDA approved, and safe for both indoor and outdoor airbrush events. As a further precaution, we protect the floors with drop cloths as well.

Q. What type of items can we choose from?

A. We have a ton of airbrush clothing you can choose from in our set packages: We have T-shirts, Plush Pillows, Trucker Caps (Mesh Hats), Ankle & Calf High Socks, Soffee Cheerleading Shorts, Pullover Sweatshirts, Tote Bags, Hooded Sweat Shirts, Sweatpants, Hooded Zippered Sweat Shirts, and so on!

Q. Are we limited only to white clothing?

A. No, but only light colored items (light blues, heather grays, and pinks) can be airbrushed on because dark colors literally absorb the paint and will “disappear” within hours!

Q. Tell us more about your airbrushers because we are concerned about who is going to show up. What is their work like and what can I expect personality wise?

A. The airbrush artists who work for our company have been with us on average for 3-5 years. They are very friendly and accommodating, reliable, and professionally mannered. They arrive appropriately dressed, own reliable transportation, and carry a GPS system. They have the patience of saints so a million kids shouting their orders at them, with the music blasting from the DJ will not even make them bat an eye. They will go out of their way to please because they understand what customer service is all about and that 85% of our business is based solely on your referral. It means more money in their pockets!

Q. COMPLAINTS! We were at a party where the artist was rude to the kids and looked like he/she was picked up off the street and given a job. Can you tell us more about this?

A. Unfortunately, there is some serious truth to this as we hear about disaster events all the time! Never book an airbrush company over the internet alone and never book because you received the lowest price. Call them and get a feel of the company.

As early as January 2009, because of the economy, a lot of the “street fair peddling airbrush artists” are attempting to enter the business in hopes of finding a new stream of revenue. They lure you, the unsuspecting customer, in by undercutting established companies like ours by a LOT of money (usually anywhere between $250-$300)!

So, you think you received a great deal and did a great thing for your kid. What you the client do not know (until they show up), is that these artists tend to have little or no experience in the party industry and the vast majority of them have serious personality issues (“street types” if you get my drift). They have no idea how to communicate when a million kids are shouting orders at them. Again, their work might be great, but if they don’t know how to communicate with your guests or show up in ripped jeans and a T-shirt and a piercing through their lip, I don’t think you or your guests will appreciate it. Also, many of them work without contracts and accept cash only, are uninsured, and for some odd reason, they do not have a reliable means of transportation. Always make sure to speak to the owner’s first and get a feel of who you are dealing with.

What also helps to spot poorly managed airbrush companies is to take a quick look at their website (is it professional looking or was it just thrown up there last night). Is their work party focused, or do you see motorcycles and murals all over the place and links to their “favorite sites”?

Keep in mind that hiring the wrong entertainment company will RUIN your event because you will spend all your time arguing with them and not enjoying your event, so please do not base your decision off price alone.

Q. Will the airbrushing distract from our event?

A. Our most commonly asked question! No, not with our company but perhaps with another company! The reason why is, we have a so called “patented” system where we only hold your guests for about 60 seconds and they are able to get back to the party (which is what they are really there for in the first place!)

Q. How do your artists come dressed and will they be appropriately mannered at our event?

A. Our professional airbrush artists come dressed in a black polo shirt and black pants and have fantastic personalities. We get asked about this all the time because a ton of airbrushers come dressed in ripped jeans, t- shirts with their lip and tongue piercings on full display (scary, but true!) Not to mention their unsocial personalities.

Q. Do we need to provide a name list?

A. YES! Please TYPE a list with the guest’s FIRST NAME and first letter of their last name, this way we can “check them off” as we go and make certain no one is missed. PLEASE SORT THE LIST ALPHABETICALLY by FIRST NAME if possible (if you type the list in Microsoft excel that is best so we can make changes if need be).

Q. How many items can you create per hour?

A. Approximately 18-20 items per hour.

Q. How can you guarantee everyone will receive an item by the end of the night?

A. Two weeks prior to the event, we need you to email us a name list with everyone who is to receive an item. This way, we can “check them off” as we go. About 30 minutes before the end of our hired time, our artist will approach you with the name list and ask you to point out the last handful of guests that did not

order an item. This is our way of doing “LAST CALL”. If they do not end up ordering, but are at the event, the artist will choose a unisex design, and hand the item to you at the night’s end. We cannot take orders just a few minutes before your event ends. We urge you to ask the DJ to make an announcement about an hour into the party as well- it works like a charm!

Q. What is your minimum number of hours that we can hire you for?

A. 2 hour minimum (which means you will receive 36-40 items).

Q. What are your space and electrical requirements?

A. A 10 foot by 10 foot space, preferably in a corner of the room and away from the DJ so we can clearly hear what your guests are ordering.

A DEDICATED, GROUNDED electrical outlet for our airbrush equipment.

Two, 6 foot tables, two chairs and two tablecloths.

For added safety, a drop cloth will be placed around the artist’s work space.

Q. Can you mail us physical samples?

A.No, but if you are concerned about the quality of our work and quality of the clothing, rest assure all our artists are top notch and equally skilled. In addition, we only use name brand clothing (no “seconds” or “irregulars” unlike some of our competitors who do this to lower their sales price. Our sample work can be seen on our website by clicking here or our brochure by clicking here. If you do not like the designs you see and would like others at your event, not to worry. We can custom tailor them at no additional charge.

Q. Who provides the clothing?

A.We prefer to provide, but some clients prefer to provide themselves so they can ready a “favor bag” for each guest. In these scenarios, we do offer Labor Rates only. We cannot also ship the items prior to the event but shipping can cost as much as $80+ which is another reason we prefer to bring our own items.

Q. What size clothing do you bring?

A. We will ask you ahead of time if any special sizes are needed for little ones or larger sizes but we always bring Adult Smalls, Medium, Large, and a few Extra Large.

Q. Are the items unlimited?

A.This is not possible otherwise everyone would order a gazillion items! And be careful, we have heard of 2 companies up in New York telling clients that they offer unlimited items just to “hook them”. Don’t fall for it as it’s physically impossible for an artist to do this in the time allotted.

Q. How long does it take to finish an item and to dry?

A. About 3 Minutes per item give or take. We prefer to let them air dry for a bit and hand them out closer to the night’s end but it’s up to you.

Q. When do we pick up the items? During or after the party?

A. Please see the question / answer above.

Q. Can you imprint (prior to the party) my child’s name and date on every item?

A. This is not a service we offer but you will notice that companies who offer this, charge a lot more than us (rightfully so because it takes forever). We suggest having them screen printed because the item will also look nicer. We can also show you a very easy way to do it yourself that will cost you only about $0.25 per shirt.

Q. When will your artist arrive for setup?

A. One hour prior to their hired start time.

Q. Do you shut during key moments (montages, candle lighting, etc)?

A. If requested yes. If you are having a very long special ceremony (more than 20 minutes), please let us know so we can pace ourselves. Please note that you may need to order more time from us if your ceremony is unusually long.

Q. Are you fully insured? My caterer requires this.

A.Yes and we will provide a certificate upon request.

Q. Is your setup mobile? Can you move your setup from cocktail room, to the main ballroom when the party begins?

A. No. It is not mobile so we ask that you choose our location carefully with your caterer. If we are asked to move, it will take us at least one hour to reconfigure ourselves and we will be unable to finish all items without having to charge you for overtime.

Q. Some guests could not make it to our event. Can you make an item for them anyway?

A. We will only make items for people whose names are on the name list that you provided. (Sorry Aunt Kim with the 3 kids who were not invited to the event)! LOL!

Q. Do you bring back up equipment in case of emergency?


Q. Can this service be performed outdoors?

A.Yes. Just put us under a tent please and provide electricity (we cannot use generators).

Q. Do you take custom orders over the phone
for single custom pieces?


Q. Do you only do events?

A.Yes, events / parties only. No bike work or murals on buildings. We do not have a shop. Sorry.

Q. Can we come to your place to look
at your work / place an order?

A.We are considered mobile, so we do not have a “shop”, but you can setup an appointment at our office to meet with the owner, by calling us toll free at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7. You can also see our work online by clicking here for our brochure.

Q. Any special instructions to wash our airbrush apparel?

A. Prior to its first wash, iron the shirt FIRST. This helps the paint “set” (kind of like when you have your nails done. This only has to be done once). Wash with cold water by itself. After that, you can throw it in with your towels or dark colored clothing. We use very thick and high grade paint so the design should hold up for quite some time.

Q. We received a much lower price quote from another company? Can you meet or beat it

A. We price match only if the company is offering something of the same quality and we ask that you submit their quote, website, and email correspondence to us and we will see what we can do. We hate losing clients over price, and usually find that most companies starting at less than our rate are not offering the same caliber of service we do, so let the buyer beware.

Q. Does the service come directly from you or do you subcontract your work to another company?

A. All our services come directly from us. We never use a middleman as this leads to nothing but trouble.

Q. We have found a company that is a lot more expensive than your company by about $300-$500. Why is this?

A. Chances are, they are not offering anything better or worse (we hope) then us. They are simply charging more, most likely because they are hiring a subcontractor to perform the work on their behalf. They then tack on a huge commission for themselves (think of it as a finder’s fee). Essentially, you are overpaying for the service when you can order the real deal directly from us at a fair rate. Another way to determine if a company is using a subcontractor is if on their website they are offering 30-40+ services as it is nearly impossible for any, one entertainment company to manage this.

Q. Is tipping acceptable / expected?

A. It is never expected, but always appreciated by the artist and their assistant. It’s a long day for them (you may only see them for 2-4 hours, but it’s a 14 hour work day behind the scenes) so if you have the financial means to offer a gratuity, please feel free to do so (Recommended gratuity is $20 for assistant and $25-$50+ for the artist.)

Q. We heard spelling errors are common from airbrush artists in general. Is this true?

A.Usually it is because the guest’s name was spelled incorrectly on the provided name list so please double check their spelling especially if they have a tricky name or the name has a common double spelling (i.e. Robin and Robyn).

Q. Do you have references?

A.Tons! And are readily available (for privacy reasons please request our referrals via phone only).

Q. Can the guest of honor order a “special design” that is not on the display board?

A.YES! Please Do!

Q. You sold us! What are your rates?

A. Many variables are taken into consideration, but to give you a ballpark, prior to contacting us please expect your airbrush service to start at around the $250-$260 Per Hour Mark. Please note our rates are non-negotiable unless combining multiple services as we base everything on quality, not price (we hope you do too!)

For more info or to book with us please call us at 1-877-487-3867 or 1-877-ITS-FUN-7