5 Ways Hiring a Green Screen Photo Favors NYC Firm Can Make Your Parties More Fun!

A number of firms offer green screen photo favors in NYC. The service is a type of digital photography in which the images of the subject is superimposed onto another image. Green screen photography prints fantasy photographs that amuse the viewers. A live green screen image-editing tool can manipulate the image of your choice and superimposes them into another image. In this way, you can fulfill your childhood fantasies like setting foot on the moon, shaking hands with a celebrity, or even acting or modeling besides a real celebrity. Below are 5 ways hiring green screen photo favors NYC firm can add fun to your parties and events.

1. Laughter and Fun

Green photo favors photography is perfect for both adults and children. Looking at the photo will certainly bring a smile on the viewers. You can hire the green screen photo favors NYC firm for various kinds of parties and events including Sweet 16 parties, Bar / Bat Mitzvah, Weddings, and Corporate events.

2. Creativity at Its Best

Green screen photography allows guests to recreate fantasy pictures. They can create image that looks real to the viewers. The guests can make themselves appear large or small; they can appear on top of huge mountains or underneath deep lakes. The imagination is only the limit when it comes to green screen photo favors technique.

3. Quick, Instant Printing

The best thing about green screen photography is that the process is fairly easy and quick. A large screen television is setup that shows all the digital backgrounds that you can include yourself into. The digital images are usually further classified into small categories. Each category can have anywhere between 20 – 55 background images. The TV will display small images that you can zoom in to know which one interests you the most.

4. Customized Printing

When the guests have picked up an image that they fancy, a photographer will take their pictures against green backdrop. This image is then superimposed into another image that is chosen by the user. The photo will be ready within minutes. You can request the photos to be printed on their preferred choice including t-shirts, key chains, etc. Finally, green screen photo favors NYC firm can place the custom imprint of the VIP guest at the end of each photos.
In the end, green screen favors NYC firm can add tons of fun to any party events. The photos created through the green screen technique certainly amuse the viewers. Your guests can fulfill their fantasies like shaking hands with their favorite personality, attending concert of their favorite brand, and even landing on Mars.